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Al Hiciano De Góngora (they/them) is a playwright, composer, director, and visual artist that abstracts reality to expose audiences to the emotional core of human experiences.  Existing at the crossroads of Latin-American, multi-racial, and queer identities has always influenced the way Al moves through the world, so they direct their focus towards embracing community through artistic collaboration while telling stories that break convention and shed light on issues that otherwise go unseen.  Using non-traditional methods, Al produces works of advocacy that force audiences to confront subjects like gun violence in schools (Wannabes: A Movement Against Gun Violence), safety of transgender youth (The Great Daniel Truthblade), and the catastrophic effects of exploitative government (Before the Sky was Red: A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure).  As they push the fantastical nature of their work by experimenting with TTRPGs and now animation, Al hopes to bring you to worlds beyond recognition, so that upon leaving the theater you can’t help but see them everywhere.


Al completed a B.A. in Theater with a minor in Film & Television at UCLA, with original works presented at Bruin Fringe Festival, 5th Avenue Theater’s Rising Star Project, and Berklee School of Music’s The Red Room.


This copy of my resume is updated as of: 1/09/2024.

It includes projects not yet completed such as my capstone.

If you are interested in collaborating with me, please reach out through one of the means below, and I would be happy to provide a copy that includes my email and phone number.


You learned about me.  Now, what's your deal?

Please reach out!

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