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Order Custom Art

Input your contact and preferred commission slot.  Your commission will be done by the end of the month you select.

Select your order type:

Describe your visual goals for this order.  You are welcome to include reference images.  Don't worry too much about the specificity of your description, as I will be reaching out to you prior to beginning my work.

Upload Reference Image
Art can be very personal. Can I include your custom art in my gallery and/or social media after it is complete?

Here is the following process you can expect after submitting your order form!

1. As soon as you submit this form, you will be linked to my Venmo.  The slot you selected will not be reserved until you pay your FULL commission cost, so please be sure to do that right away!  Termination of your commission past this point will be 75% refundable.

2. When I reach your commission slot, I will send you an email asking clarifying questions about your vision for your custom art.  As we speak, I will develop some thumbnail sketches that we can edit until we reach an image that includes your desired details.  When you are satisfied with the rehearsal image, I will begin working on your custom artwork.  Termination of your commission past this point will be 50% refundable, and you will not receive the incomplete artwork.  Be sure to make the edits you need during this part of the process, because once I am done with the final artwork, I will only be able to make minor adjustments.  I am not liable for any dissatisfaction due to an omission of detail or adjustment on your part during the thumbnail period.  

3. Once I complete your commission, I will email it to you.  Easy-peasy!  Refer me to a friend and you both get a discount!

4. When your custom art has been sent to you, the commission process will have ended, and I will be free to take on new commissions and clients.  I will not need to refer to you for any work outside of this commission agreement.

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