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D&D: Cycling (Home Campaign)



After years of wandering the world and putting the undead in their graves, Away has brought what justice they could to the wizard whose experiments destroyed their tribe. Despite knowing what had occurred, their memories are still gone. To compensate for their amnesia, Away has partnered with elder Paro Ellerme to start a community of stray firbolg and otherwise orphaned or exiled individuals. This has brought direction and autonomy to their life, but every once in a while, in moments of fear or desperation, they run their fingers over the scar in their scalp, hearing echoes of a panicked voice screaming "Run Away!"

Away is my longest-running Dungeons & Dragons player character. After adventuring from level 5 to level 12 over the course of a two-year cycling campaign, Away is retired from the table. This is the character through which I found a deep love for unconventional species-class combinations. Believe it or not, it's terrifying if you suddenly can't see the giant.

Dungeons & Dragons Stats: Firbolg Ranger, Gloomstalker
STR: 13 - DEX: 16 - CON: 16 - INT: 12 - WIS: 14 - CHA: 8

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