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Lysander Eversand


D&D: Evergreen (Home Campaign)



The Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle, Washington is highly attractive to what remains of the punk scene. Somewhere right behind it is a stop sign nailed into the metal wall. A tall, purple elf with an even purpler mullet rocks up to it on his studded platforms, a spectral guitar dragging behind him. With the sigh of his cigarette, he pulls the guitar into his tattoo, and a sticker out of his coat. Lysander drops the cigarette and crushes it with his heel before slapping the tattoo into the stop sign, and disappearing into it.

Dungeons & Dragons Stats: Eladrin Bard, College of Glamour
STR: 8 - DEX: 14 - CON: 13 - INT: 14 - WIS: 12- CHA: 17

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