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Original Works

Here are works that I have written, composed, and/or co-created.

Wannabes: A Movement Against Gun Violence

Written as a tribute to the March For Our Lives movement, Wannabes portrays the perspectives of students at fictional Greenhill High School before and after a shooting kills five of their classmates.


The Great Daniel Truthblade

Recently performed at the pilot UCLA Bruin Fringe Festival, The Great Daniel Truthblade explores self-expression and gender identity through the tabletop roleplay game of Dungeons & Dragons.  Join Iris as they learn about themself after a recent change in player character.


Bad Trip

As part of 5th Avenue Theater's Rising Star Project: Radioactive Musicals, I wrote the book and lyrics for a 14-minute piece of journalistic theater inspired by the story of a mother and son on their respective paths of recovery from over-the-counter drug addiction.

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